d・s・Spero Inc.

We are a production company which enriches one’s facial expressions.

Something like lustrous or smoldering,

feeling rough or like a grain, being enveloped in a scent of woods at times,

or in a vivid color with a dark tone, it could be a hybrid but not analogue, it could stop after floating, or it could contain a circle inside a square,

a material nobody has ever seen, a sound nobody has ever heard, a detail nobody has ever expressed before,

Our tenured specialists are in pursuit of something like that every day.

We empathize for something ingenious

in pursuit of the world we have yet to seen.


Eating is living

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are established is based on a strong sense of crisis that the world, where the poor are being left behind and the global environment is deteriorating, will not survive if things continue as they are.

One in nine people in the world suffers from hunger, and the top 1% own nearly half of the world's total wealth.

Each month, we select and make donations to 5 profit/non-profit organizations that perform medical/humanitarian activities from a independent, neutral and impartial standpoint.

For the future of children in the world

For poverty eradiaction

Save the Children
Provide support for activities supplying blankets to protect one’s body warm
Médecins Sans Frontières
Provide support for measles jab activities
Provide support for Ready To Eat Therapeutic Food activities
Provide support for clean drinking water activities
The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Provide support for activities on immediate response to emergencies for refugees and conflict areas
Provide support for activities to stably supply water and food for refugees and conflict areas
Provide support for activities promoting school education and support for independence for refugees and comflict areas which require a long-term funding plan
World Food Programme
Provide support for COVID-19, Syria emergency aid, etc.
Provide support for vaccination activities

d・s・Spero inc.

#513, 6-35-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0001, Japan


Yoshiharu Sato CEO
1991 Engaged with Fashion Week
1996 Career change to Sun Design Institute
2018 Founded d・s・Spero inc.
Tatsuya AsaokaSUPERVISOR
Gaito MatsumuraOPERATOR

Business Lineup

  • Planning and execution of brand PR strategies, marketing sales promotion, respective consulting work
  • CM/concept video production, distribution business, music production in visual designs
  • Media art
  • Space design for commercial facilities/shops, concept stores and exhibitions
  • Graphic design, catalogue production, printing
  • Casting and managing entertainers, models, influencers, artists, cultural figures, etc.
  • Conduct affairs incident to each of the foregoing items